This guy masterfully wields two bicycles around the Duomo.

Dual-Wielding Florence bikes


Reflections / Refractions

Dad said I should try some reflection photos.  Here’s my take on Santa Croce:Santa Croce ReflectionStandard Florentine roofline:Vespa Florence MirrorFederica, my Italian teacher, was impressed with this one.  She likes choppers.Motorcycle Reflection FlorenceFlorentine Streets ReflectionsI saw this man in the blue polo shirt every day.  Anywhere from Via Della Robbia to the Palazzo Pitti.Florence Market MirrorI don’t have a macro lens, so I accomplished this by holding my old trusty manual nikon 50mm f/1.4 backwards against the camera, and used a faster shutter speed / higher ISO to minimize camera shake/blur.Palazzo Florence Droplet Refraction

Finishing an Apron

In Florence’s Mercato San Lorenzo, next to the Medici chapel.  A skilled artisan decorates a kitchen apron for me with a foot-powered sewing machine of sorts.  He says he is a born-and-bred Fiorentino.


The man’s work mesmerizes me.  Years of practice make themselves apparent in his dexterous hands.  I gawk as he decorates four or five other garments before I am compelled to commission one myself.

Only about 35 blog-worthy Florence photos left to process.