Reflections / Refractions

Dad said I should try some reflection photos.  Here’s my take on Santa Croce:Santa Croce ReflectionStandard Florentine roofline:Vespa Florence MirrorFederica, my Italian teacher, was impressed with this one.  She likes choppers.Motorcycle Reflection FlorenceFlorentine Streets ReflectionsI saw this man in the blue polo shirt every day.  Anywhere from Via Della Robbia to the Palazzo Pitti.Florence Market MirrorI don’t have a macro lens, so I accomplished this by holding my old trusty manual nikon 50mm f/1.4 backwards against the camera, and used a faster shutter speed / higher ISO to minimize camera shake/blur.Palazzo Florence Droplet Refraction


Cinque Terre in August

It is a day reminiscent of Camus.  A place of Mersault.Cinque TerreAt one point I find myself alone, and I have this feeling like nothing has changed here for decades.  It is a very Assasin’s Creed type of feeling.  Perhaps I am just here to complete some sort of familial mission upon which my great-grandfather first embarked.But then I am back to tourist mode.The private beaches are beautiful but crowded. The public beach is not much better.  I swim in my underpants, not having come prepared with swim trunks.

Finishing an Apron

In Florence’s Mercato San Lorenzo, next to the Medici chapel.  A skilled artisan decorates a kitchen apron for me with a foot-powered sewing machine of sorts.  He says he is a born-and-bred Fiorentino.


The man’s work mesmerizes me.  Years of practice make themselves apparent in his dexterous hands.  I gawk as he decorates four or five other garments before I am compelled to commission one myself.

Only about 35 blog-worthy Florence photos left to process.

Portrait of a Steadicam Operator

This is Luke Rocheleau on the job.


Rocheleau rocks the Actioncam Rebel Pro by Innocinema.  They go for around $20k.

Luke and I spent only a brief time together, when I was asked to help push his rickshaw about 100 yards.  We had a good conversation about the state of running shoes, and how messed up everyone’s feet are after the invention of the arched shoe.  Apparently the natural arc of the human foot, so admired by architects of old, is not meant to be supplemented by an underlying arch at all times.  Heel-striking, in running, is unnatural and disadvantageous compared to the more natural forward-weighted approach to which the Kenyans adhere.  Luke was cool.

SCU TV set day 2

Setup 1: Girl reads book on Lawn.  HMI backlight, big overhead diffusion, with some sunlight bounce / negative fill.While little fluffy things float around out of focusSetup 2: Dancer girl dancing alone in theater.  Mostly just direct source fours, and a big source four bounce off a white card.Setup 3: Underwater shot of water polo player swimming towards camera.  200 and 400 Joker bugs front lighting, 1200 and 1800 HMI’s backlighting: They started with this big diffusion screen but eventually just took it off.John Baker preps the Alexa’s underwater housing.“Let’s hope this plastic bag keeps that $80,000 camera dry…”Waterproof bag failed on first try.  All of that water is coming from inside the case.They found and fixed the leak.  Camera took another plunge all the way through wrap.

SCU TV Set Day 1

This is one of the few things for which I will voluntarily wake up before the sun rises.

Prominent Bay Area AC John Baker preps the Alexa for a long day of shooting students.
DP Andy Lillien consults with gaffer James Childers and Key Grip Mark Otewalt about some hot spots in the frame. Data wrangler / grip / Lillien’s nephew, Sam Lino, looks on.Dimitri Woods, exemplary SCU student, looking good on the monitor.Things I learned today:





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