Hi.  I’m Robert Boscacci.


Sacred Frames is my blog, where I share simple stories through photography.  You might call it a temporary photo portfolio, until I find the motivation to put together a nicer one.

I make videos too.  Before photography, I fell in love with music; cinema is photography with a certain music to it.  Ultimately, I’d love to carve out a living as a Director of Photography for creative and commercial video production.

Some stories from the last few years:

Left home to study civil engineering at Santa Clara University, pledged a frat, quit the frat, quit civil engineering, joined the entrepreneurs club and went with them to Texas, quit the entrepreneurs club, switched to computer engineering, built a hackintosh, quit computer engineering, took an internship with the “Catholic News Service” and went with them to Washington D.C., quit the Catholic News Service, landed a photography and video production job at the University’s marketing office, switched majors to film, adopted mountaineering as a permanent side hobby, couch surfed across Los Angeles, walked from San Francisco to Yosemite, spent a month living with an Italian family in Florence, devoted my life to visual storytelling.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Wake up in the morning and do what you want to do.
    Wake up in the morning and do what you went to bed wishing you’d done.

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  3. “When liquor store owner Raymond K. Hessel responds, “a veterinarian,” Brad Pitt threatens to hunt Hessel down if Hessel does not immediately devote his entire worldly effort towards the pursuit of said goal. This is a beautiful moment in film.”

    A very beautiful moment indeed.

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