Paris I

After walk across california, I spent a couple weeks living at my parents’ house in San Mateo, working small-time grip and PA gigs around the SF Bay. Then I flew to Paris.

Here’s a typical Parisian apartment kitchen.  This one in particular belongs to the aunt and uncle of my longtime best friend Michael Mansour.  Mike has been studying abroad in Australia, bungee jumping in New Zealand, taking time to explore other miscellaneous corners of the Earth, and working for a debt management firm in Manchester…so it was good to catch up with him in Paris. Especially since his relatives could put us up for free and merrily feed us breakfast and dinner every day.  Mike’s aunt (depicted) is one of the kindest people I have ever met.

Angelina is famous for its hot chocolate.  It is not like American hot chocolate. It is like thick chocolate syrup that one must dilute with cream in order to be fluid enough to drink.  Like in Spain, I guess.  On the menu it’s “Chocolat L’Africain.”  Hype on this beverage can be found here.

Paris is not all glitz and romance.  This beggar desperately pleads for a few euro cent coins near the Louis Vuitton store, where leather-bound travel chests can be found in the 30,000+ euro range.

Mike poses Triomphe-antly. Ha.

View of Champs-Elysees from the Arc (facing Louvre).


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