Kelsey: Starbucks Cup Artist


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My neighbor, classmate, and friend Kelsey likes to draw on Starbucks cups.  Out of all the people I know on this Earth…Kelsey is the best Starbucks cup artist.  Here is her impressive display of cups, as seen just before dorm move-out week.  I wish she had told me sooner that she has an artistic side to complement her hardcore computer enginerdiness.  It makes me wonder how many of my friends and acquaintances bear undiscovered talents.

Egad:  My life as a college dorm resident is over next week.  The sun sets solemnly on this colorful chapter.  While this is sobering, the only thing for it is to forge onward with the illusion of confidence.  If I can fool others into thinking I know what I’m doing, I can fool myself.

Current Summer Plan:  Finishing final exams, then walking across California, then returning home to work on video projects.  Then flying to Florence, wandering Western Europe for a month, and returning home to work on more video projects.  Then moving into a house in Santa Clara with seven rowdy housemates, taking a short backpacking expedition through the Desolation Wilderness, and leaving myself a week or so to collect my wits before the new academic school year begins.

There will be an abundance of photos and pretentious commentary along the way, provided that my camera doesn’t get worn out during Walk Across California, stolen by gypsies in Europe, spilled upon by my new housemates, rained upon while backpacking, or swallowed by an inter-dimensional wormhole while I’m playing with my flux capacitor.


7 thoughts on “Kelsey: Starbucks Cup Artist

  1. Would be really cool if she got cups from all kinds of different coffee shops and put those up there at an angle….. just a thought 🙂 pretty awesome though

    • Sharine,
      Interesting thought; I’ll run it by her. There is definitely something about the uniformity that I can appreciate though.

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  3. I just found this post and curious thing though, this Saturday that is coming along I am going to guide a conversation and English Conversation Club here in the City that I live in one of the some Starbucks that we do have. You gave me a conversation starter. At the same time (and I’m hoping that I am not talking to myself in here) while looking at the picture of your friend; I got a flashback. Once I found a post that talk about pictures, 49 different doors around Germany. I saw that and came with the idea of creating/writing 49 short stories for each door. Cheers!!!!

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